Free Club Penguin Memberships page!

24 11 2008

Follow up this LINK

It works with Prize Rebel

P.S. Follow that link, that way I can use the points to buy memberships 😉


Not posting cheats anymore

24 11 2008

I won’t be posting cheats, I will be posting news instead, I have some more interesting things coming to this site later

I’m Back!

24 11 2008



Here is the proof!

I’m having issues with the screen sometimes it get blurry or black and I cant see nothing

Posting in few weeks

30 07 2008

My comp is broken, but I will start updating the blog when some things get fixed!


12 06 2008


All my readers, I have some news, I wont be updating this page until July 5 cause Im going on a trip. So please dont ne mad at me.  See Ya until July 5 ohh and maybe ill get to the water party on my penguin LOL

I gonna start updating SOON!! YAY!!


First:Sorry for not posting since July 5

Second: My computer is kind of BROKEN! (That explain all)

New Catalog

6 06 2008

Here is the front page…

For all the Hidden Items go to

New Pin (Ice Cream Cone)

6 06 2008

It is at the Forest